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Sunday, February 9, 2014

LET Reviewer for General Educatiom



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         * Technology and livelihood Education (TLE) 500 Questions
            1. Foods

1. A simple form of sugar which can be found in fruits, honey, corn syrup and sweet corn, also known as           dextrose or grape sugar is
     a. fructose
     b. galactose
     c. glucose
     d. sucrose

2. it is a man made vitamins which are synthesized in the laboratory, mostly used for therapeutic purposes is       called
     a. avitaminosis
     b. synthetic vitamins
     c. hypervitaminosis
     d. artificial vitamins

3. proper hand washing involves rubbing hands together:
     a. for at least 15 seconds
     b. for at least 20 seconds
     c. until they appear clean
     d. until nails are clean

4. The set of instruction for preparing a dish using various ingredients is the
     a. food guide
     b. cooking guide
     c. dietary guide
     d. recipe

5. One way to prepare low cost but nutritious meals in these hard time is to
     a. reduced quantity of food prepared.
     b. reduced quality of food prepared
     c. use substitute
     d. recycle leftover

6. Sanitation in food preparation is important for a number of reasons EXCEPT:
     a. minimize the presence of nutrients is ensured.
     b. avoid disease carrying organism
     c. conserve nutrients
     d. avoid food infection and poisoning.

7. considering the nutrition problem in this country today, because of poverty, dishes would you recommend     is
     a. steamed eggplant and bagoong
     b. pinakbet, eggplant, okra, saluyot leaves
     c. sauteed monggo with dried dilis and ampalaya
     d. fresh lumpia

8. This refer to the monthly income required to satisfy the nutritional requirement of a family with six members
     a. food intake
     b. food threshold
     c. food consumption
     d. food budget

9. The longest period during which food may be safely kept from the danger zone because of the hazard of        bacteria growth is
     a. 2 hrs
     b. 6 hrs
     c. 5 hrs
     d. 4 hrs

10. The following are preparing meals that are aesthetically pleasing except one
      a. use as many condiments and spices to enhance the flavor of the recipe
      b. use proper techniques in preparation
      c. use proper techniques in cooking
      d. use cut-out fruits and vegetables for decorating

            2. Cosmetology

1. To play up good features and tone down the bad one, apply
     a. ordinary or day make-up
     b. evening make-up
     c. photographic make-up
     d. theatrical make-up

2. A solvent containing acetone or other solvent is used to thin out the nail polish when it is thickened. it is         called
     a. nail polisher
     b. nail drier
     c. nail whitener
     d. nail strengthener

3. Good grooming is important to possess by everyone because
     a. it enhances the personality.
     b. It helps one to look at life in a positive light.
     c. It is used as an effective tool in establishing good relationship
     d. all of the above

4. The position of eyebrow where it increases the width where the face is involve is called
     a. high positioning
     b. low positioning
     c. far apart
     d. close apart

5. The portion of hair structure extending above the skin surface is called
     a. hair root
     b. hair shaft
     c. follicle
     d. strands

            3. Basic Electricity

1. The number of cycle completed by an electric current in one second
     a. frequency
     b. cycle
     c. period
     d. orbit

2. It is an electrical device or appliances that consume electrical energy
     a. path
     b. source
     c. load
     d. control

3. The electron theory states that all matters are composed of tiny particles called
     a. energy
     b. current
     c. atom
     d. ampere

4. It a type of electricity in motion. this is very useful, it can be transmitted from place to place through a             connection and attachment.
     a.  static electricity
     b. dynamic electricity
     c. battery
     d. dynamic and static electricity

5. Unit in voltage can be express in
     a. volts
     b. current
     c. amperes
     d. volts and amperes

            4. Basic Electronics

1. A branch of Physics that refers to the flow of electron through nonmetal conductors.
     a. mechanics
     b. Physics
     c. Electricity
     d. Electronics

2. Broken wires, corroded or loosened terminals is a circuit trouble in appliances.
     a. short circuit
     b. broken parts
     c. broken wiring
     d. bad internal connections

3. Electronic tool that is used to strip off wire insulator  from its conductors.
     a. wire stripper
     b. socket wrench
     c. small tweezers
     d. long nose pliers

4. These are nonmetal conductors
     a. conductors
     b. insulators
     c. inductors
     d. semiconductors

5. Which type of circuit board has parallel strips of copper track?
     a. printed circuit board
     b. breadboard
     c. strip board
     d. none of the above

            5. Plumbing

1. Plumbing code is very important in house plumbing installation. It include the proper installation of the             venting system of the sewer gases to facilitate the flow and ______
     a. draining of water waste
     b. water disposal
     c. solid waste disposal system
     d. water and waste disposal system

2. Mr. Leona is working on the water connection of the school, what particular tool he will use to                      tighten/loosen pipe fitting
     a. adjustable wrench
     b. pipe wrench
     c. pliers
     d. basin wrench

3. It is necessary to install this valve so that the incoming water connection that is used to control the flow of
    water  in a piping system
     a. flanged
     b. valve
     c. union joint
     d. universal joint

4. The development of mechanical fittings suitable for joining both imperial and metric sizes of medium and          high density polyethylene pipe. the material is made from a nylon as a basic component of each fitting
     which is known as
     a. central fitting
     b. flanged
     c. stainless fitting
     d. coupling fitting

5. Today's present time, the increasing standardization of plumbing codes in different areas of the country
     tends toward uniformly due to the availability of ____________
     a. manpower
     b. tools and equipment
     c. equipment and materials
     d. engineering standard

            6. Carpentry & Masonry

1. These are several steps in sharpening the saw, EXCEPT one:
     a. setting the teeth
     b. filling and side jointing
     c. whetting
     d. top jointing

2. Woods are basic ra materials used for carpentry and making finished product. Which of the following is
    NOT true in carpentry?
     a. woods are use for housing
     b. woods are use for table
     c. woods are use for fuel
     d. woods are use as tool

3. Ruel is a student who wants to change the color of the table top he is working on. What process should
    he do?
    a. bleaching
    b. staining
    c. coloring
    d. blending

4. The term used for woman's cabinet is
     a. vanity
     b. chiffonier
     c. dresser
     d. buffet

5. mixed concrete should be poured before the initial setting taks place and this within _____
     a. 30 min.
     b. 45 min.
     c. 1 hour
     d. 1:30 hours

            7. Drafting

1. The following are the importance of geometric construction except _______
     a. developing sketches
     b. making lettering
     c. making plans
     d. reading drawing

2. This kind of drawing shows how object actually appeared to the observer?
     a. Isometric
     b. Oblique
     c. Orthographic
     d. Perspective

3. If you need the hardest of the drawing pencil for making your drawing use ______
     a. 6H
     b. 7H
     c. 8H
     d. 9H

4. What can you use  to scrape off incorrectly inked line when eraser is not available?
     a. art gum
     b. razor blade
     c. rubber eraser
     d. sharpener

5. What line used to represent the hidden side of the object drawn
     a. center line
     b. Ditto line
     c. Invisible line
     d. Object line

            8. Entrepreneurship

1. When an entrepreneur find ways to make new products or services, new methods of production, new            markets, and new sources of raw materials. It shows that entrepreneurs are _________
     a. decision - maker
     b. hardworking
     c. innovative
     d. positive thinker

2. If an entrepreneur has the ability to learn he does the following pertinent activities except _______
     a. when the business is still small, he does everything
     b. he send workers for training
     c. He attended related seminars
     d. Acquire basic training in small business

3. Which of the following is a characteristic of sole proprietorship?
     a. stocksholders own the business
     b. The owner enjoys economic freedom
     c. Two or more person share in the management
     d. Ownership of an enterprise is divided into equal parts called share.

4. A source of capital by which fund is generated by way of pledging a designated property as security or
     a. bonds
     b. credit
     c. capital equipment
     d. mortgage

            9. Business Mathematics

1. The financial statement showing the financial position of an enterprise by summarizing its assets, liabilities,        and owner's equity at a point in time.
     a. balance sheet
     b. articulation
     c. financial statement
     d. Income statement

2. It is considered as the actual profit retained by a business and it is actually the difference between the             revenue  earned by the company and the expenses incurred
     a. net profit
     b. revenues
     c. gross profit
     d. capital stock

3. Nora sells in a department store. She receives a salary of P8,000 a month plus a commission of 1% on all      her sales. Last month, her total sales were P 35, 000. How much did she earn for the month?
     a. P 8,350
     b. P 12, 500
     c. P11,350
     d. P13, 500

4. For every transaction, the value of debits is equal to the value of
     a. equity
     b. liability
     c. credit
     d. assets

5. This is equal to the sum of liabilities and owner's equity
     a. assets
     b. operating expenses
     c. revenue
     d. profit

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