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Sunday, June 30, 2013

LET REVIEWER (Technology & Livelihood)

1. It refers to the stream of money, goods, services and satisfaction that comes under the control
    of the family to be used to satisfy needs and desires:
    a. cost of living
    b. income
    c. standard of living
    d. goods

2. A part of the business plan which provides details on how you will produce the product is:
    a. organizational study
    b. market study
    c. financial study
    d. production study

3. which of the following principles REDUCES the elements of chance as it anticipates difficulties?
    a. planning
    b. leadership
    c. delegation of authority & responsibility
    d. control

4. an old craft of sewing together two layers of fabrics in a a decorative fashion with a soft,
    thick foam in between is known as:
    a. quilting
    b. hard anger
    c. smoked quilting
    d. calado

5. materials that are used  for joining two materials such as wood, metals and stones are called:
    a. knot tying
    b. abrasives
    c. adhesives
    d. sewing

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