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Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to Give The Opening Remarks

      This is a very common speech situation since nearly all formal gatherings where a program is prepared needs someone who will give the opening remarks. Through apparently a simple assignment, it's role considerable importance for a large extent it sets the tone and atmosphere of the entire proceedings.
       Here are the steps suggested to easy use.

                                           1. Refer to the occasion
                                           2. Express goodwill

Refer to the occasion
         Tell your audience the purpose of the gatherings. What is its significance to the participants, to the audience and to the community? What interesting parts of the program awaits your listeners? What benefits will they derive their attendance of participation in such affair?

Express goodwill
          This second step to your opening remarks should be a pleasant one for you. Here you will praise the people who have come for the occasion.
          By your words and actions, make your audience feel glad they came. Make them realize the importance of their presence.
          You can also extend a word of welcome if you wish.