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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Time Wasted

So many times we hurry
and don't take the time to care,
When others feel so lonely,
and just need a simple prayer,

It's easy to say "I LOVE YOU"
and hope you have a nice day.
is there something I can do for you,
I'll be glad to stop and pray"

Love of Heart

The greatest treasure on this earth
That God has willed to be
Is just the gift of love of heart
He gave to you and me
For, in this gift, He sowed the seeds
To harvest goals in Life
That will fulfill us with content
And give us strength, in strife.

It is a treasure, meant to be
A bond of sacred tie
To bless upon us joys of life
Until the day we die
And by his Grace to light the way
To peace of heart and mind
That is the goal of every soul,
Above all other kind.

                                               Michael Dubina

A Smile and Prayer

A Smile and Prayer

Like the brightness of the flowers
At the opening of day,
Let a smile erase the showers
That at times may come our way.

Like the nodding of the flowers
When the twilight shadows fall,
Let prayer touch evening hours,
Bringing perfect peace to all.

                                              Loise Pinkerton Fritz