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Friday, May 4, 2012


 I - The Project     
        Project Title :
                    Fund Raising Activity
                    Purchase of Musical Instrument 

         Project Proponent
                    Mr. Noel R. Dauran
                    Master Teacher - I

                    Baya Elementary School
                    Ragay District, Div. of Camarines Sur

         Time Frame
                    Planning:  June 2012
                    Drafting of proposal June 2012
                    Launching Date August 2012
                    Implementation Musical Instrument/(tangible)

II - Background and Rationale:
                    For several years now, Baya Elementary School doesn't hear the lively music played by the school children who are member of the drum and Lyre corps. The campus used to be a picture of young and talented musicians alongside with charming young pretty majorettes.
                    We hope to bring back that same mood. This project, have the skills of our pupils who are inclined in playing some musical instrument. If organized, our school will once have a group that we can see whenever we have school convocations. Our street parade will definitely be an event to look forward to by the community because of our DLC.
                    Acquiring these instruments requires a big amount of fund. It will be a burden of parents if we asks them to purchase a particular child wants to use or play. Collaborative support and effort of the whole school community specifically by the community is greatly needed through a fund raising activity that the proponent has thought of. The instruments that this endeavor will be able to acquire shall become school property and shall continue to be of service to the school children as long as they're apt to use.

III - Description of the Project
                    "Search for Lakan/Mutya ng Wika 2012"

IV - Project Objectives:
            1.To develop pupils talent and self-confidence.
            2.Gain good rapport to the parents and community. 
            3.Accumulate funds
            4.Show wholesome interpersonal relationship among each other
            5.Appreciate the service offered by others. 

V - Plan of Activities  

      Activities                                         Date                    Resources Needed             Expected Outcomes

    A. Planning
  •  consult the school head           March 2012                                                               supportive
  • coordinate the peers                                                                                                   Approved
  • call for General PTA meetings  March 16, 2o12                                                         Approved
  • hired a skilled trainor for DLC                              skilled trainor with high with

B. Organizing:
  • Selection of pupils either male  March 19, 2012               pupils/parents                       eagerness
  • & female for the Drum & lyre  
  • and majorette corps

  • selection of candidates for       June 2012                        pupils/parents                        eagerness
  • Mutya at Lakan from Grades
  • 1 to Grade VI 

       a. Orientation to the selected     March 19, 2012                skilled trainor,  
           majorette, Drum and Lyrel                                              teacher or
           corps.                                                                             organizer

       b. Scheduled daily practice                                                  co-organizer                         Mastery
           of majorette and DLC from                                         lakan/mutya 2011
           1.Summer Schedule of practice
              April 24 - May 27, 2012
              MWFS  - 8:00 A. M-11:A.M
          2. During School Hours Daily
              6:00 - 7:00 A.M
              4:00 - 5:00 P.M

       c. Distributing the envelopes to the   June 22, 2012         candidate for lakan                 well distributed
           candidates.                                                                 at mutya ng wika

        d. First and last canvassing          Aug. 24, 2012                                                      raised the targeted

III - Post Implementation
        a. parade around the vicinity of     May 29, 2012          majorette&DLC                   applauded
            poblacion Ragay(town fiesta)

        b. parade around the vicinity of
            Banga(parish fiesta)                  Aug. 13, 2012          majorette&DLC                  applauded

        c. parade around the barangay      Aug. 14, 2012          majorette&DLC                  applauded
            (senior Citezens Day)

        d. culminating activities Buwan       Aug. 31, 2012         majorette &DLC                 well attended 
            ng Wika 2012

        e. parade around the barangay      Aug. 31, 2012          parents                               successfully

VI - Budgetary Requirements