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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Questions for the Qualifying Exam for Principals

Updated to conform to latest Examination

Directions: Encircle the letter that corresponds to your answer in each of the following questions.

1. The following are the characteristics of an effective child-friendly school EXCEPT one:
     a. has the best interest of the child in mind an all learning activities
     b. has a curriculum that addresses the child's learning needs as well as those of the 
         community and society
     c. does not turn away any child from enrolling and attending classes for whatever reason
     d. encourange children to think and decide for themselves, ask questions and express their 

2. A child friendly school should aspire for the following goals, EXCEPT one:
     a. Encourage children's participation in school and community
     b. Ensure children's high academic achievement and success
     c. Enhance children's health and well being
     d. Encourage sustained high enrollment and completion rate

3. The following are some of children's right EXCEPT one:
     a. Children have the right to appropriate early reading instruction based
         on their individual needs
     b. Children have the right to well-prepared teachers who keep their skills
         up to date through effective pro fessional development
     c. Children have the right to classroom that optimize learning opportunities
     d. Children have the right to school that have strong School-community linkages

4. The following are the components of the National Drug Education Program  
    EXCEPT one:
     a. curriculum and instruction
     b. parent education and community outreach
     c. pre-service and in-service training of teachers
     d. ancilliary services, and research and evaluation

5. In promoting School Health Program, the principal may strengthen the following
    School's Dental Service/Program EXCEPT one:
     a. Sodium Fluoride Mouthrinsing Project
     b. Atraumatic Restorative Treatment
     c. Teacher-Child Parent (TCP) Approach Program
     d. "Bright Smiles. Bright Future" Program

     a. PAGKAING - SAPAT Para Sa Lahat (SAPAGKAT)
     b. School - Based Preventive Nephrology Project
     c. School - Base Breakfast Feeding Program
     d. School - Based Milk Feeding Project

7. The tax exemption allowed by law for Adopt - A - School donor/benefactor is equal to the:
     a. amount being donated
     b. donated amount plus 50%
     c. fifty percent of amount donated
     d. seventy-five percent of the amount donated

8. One of the tools used in CFSS ( Child Friendly School System) to track down
     the pupil's participation in school is the:
     a. Effective Teaching - Learning Guide
     b. Student Tracking System
     c. Gender Sensitivity Guide
     d. Self Assessment Guide

9. This is one of the innovation introduced by DepEd to strengthen school - based
     management through decentralized construction management and principal
     empowerment with active participation of the community and technical
     from professional engineers:
     a. DPWH -Led School - Building Project
     b. LGU - Led School Building Project
     c. Principal - Led School Building Project
     d. Principal - LGU Joint School Building Project

10. Per R.A 9184 ("An Act Providing for the modernization, Standardization
     and Regulation  of the procurement Activities the Government and other Purposes")
     upholds the following principle in government procurement EXCEPT one:
     a. Competitiveness by extending equal opportunity to all public and private
         parties who are eligible and qualified to participate a public bidding
     b. Transparency in the procurement process and in the implementation of
         procurement contracts through wide dissemination of bid opportunities
         and participation of pertinent non-government organization
     c. System accountability is exclusively intended for the parties  involved
     d. Revised procurement process that will apply government procurement standards

11. Which of the following enhance the learning of preschooler?
      a. always give reward and never punish
      b. Activities should be hands-on and not written
      c. use colorful, attractive and challenging materials
      d. Make activities too easy , simple and for a short period of time

 12. Why should teacher provide positive feedback and realistic praise?
      a. to motivate the student to study
      b. So the students will know what to do
      c. To be liked and loved by the student
      d. So the student will praise him/her

13. Which of the following is not included in affective learning?
      a. attitudes
      b. beliefs
      c. values
      d. ambitious

14. A school personnel  can avail of free legal service under certain circumstance. Mr.Ramos was accused
      libel by his neighbor. Is he entitled to the said service?
      a. Yes, he should defend herself
      b. No, if funds are not available
      c. No, it might bring some  disagreement in school
      d. No, the case is not related  to his professional duties

15. Is holding a rally  to protest the delay of benefits due a person ethically acceptable?
      a. Yes, when hold while on official time
      b. Yes, when hold outside the official time
      c. Yes, when hold with approval
      d. Yes, when hold together with parents and pupils

16. When will the K to 12 program be implemented?
      a. s/y 2011- 2012
      b. sly 2012-2013
      c. sly 2014-2015
      d. sly 2010-2011

17. The first batch of high school students to go through K to 12 will graduate in ______
      a. March 2015
      b. March 2016
      c. March 2017
      d. March 2018

18. In what school year the grade 11 will be introduced?
      a. 2016 - 2017
      b. 2017 - 2018
      c. 2018 - 2019
      d. 2020 - 2021

19. Government funds are appropriated for specific purposes. if the school head used the budget
      alloted for training of teachers for the purpose of books, what offense does she/he commit?
      a. misappropriation
      b. technical malversation
      c. re-alignment
      d. juggling of funds

20. As a school head and Special Disbursing officer, how often should you liquidate espense against cash
      a. every 15 days
      b. every 30 days
      c. every quarter
      d. everyday

21. Which of the following is not principle governing government procurement?
      a. transparency
      b. accountability
      c. selectivity
      d. competitiveness

22. which of the following reports should a principal prepare for all the stakeholders
      to know whether he/she have accomplished the targets in the SIP?
      a. School Report Card
      b. School Annual Report
      c. Year End Report
     d. School Assessment Report

23. Which of the following areas of concern should NOT be included if the agreed focus of
       observation between the school head and the teacher is classroom management?
      a. Assess how much students already know
      b. Efficient classroom routine
      c. Smooth transitions between activities
      d. Physical environment conducive to learning

24. Which of the following functions should NOT be undertaken by the School Quality Management Team?
      a. organize program team by learning area
      b. conduct monitoring during plan implementation
      c. evaluate result of SIP implementation
      D. design monitoring and feedback system

25. Which of the questions must be answered by the school head before he can formulate his vision-mission?
      a. What resources do we need to bring about school improvement?
      b. Who are the stakeholders who can assist the school head in resource generation?
      c. What is the status of the school in terms of enrolment and other school performance indicator
          and resources?
      d. What processes must be modified to bring about school improvement?

(This reviewer composed of more than 500 questions)
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Introduction: Think of a group or organization in which you are a member. Visualize yourself in charge of the group discussion. As you lead the group, the following six problems arise. Read the first problem and possible solutions. Choose the best of the possible solutions and circle the letter, which matches that solution. Keep in mind that you are in charge of group discussion for a particular group.

1.     Your group is having trouble getting started. You have tried to make everyone feel comfortable. You have allowed time to get acquainted. Everyone seems interested and cooperative, but reluctant to speak up.
a.      Wait until they’re ready to speak up
b.      Suggests that the group vote on what to do next.
c.  Make some specific assignments to different people and help them complete their assignments.

2.      The group is operating extremely well. Members get along well with each other. Discussion is lively. Everyone is contributing to the group. You want to insure that this continues.
a.      Reduce your leadership. Let group members lead the group as much as possible.
b.      Be sure agreement is reached on each point before proceeding.
c.       Keep the group firmly under your control or the group will lose its momentum.

3.     The group has been very productive. Two or three members have done most of the talking and all of the work. Everyone seems happy but you would like to make some charges so that more members will get involved.
a.      Tell it like it is. Outline the changes and see that they are made.
b.      Propose the changes. Explain why they are needed, then let the group decide what will be done.
c.       Don’t do anything that might threaten group productivity.

4.    The group is working well and relations among members are very positive. You feel somewhat unsure about your lack of direction of the group.
a.      Leave the group alone
b.      Slowly assert yourself to give the group more direction.
c.       Ask the group if you should provide more direction, then comply with their wishes.

5.      The group was going great, but now it is falling apart. Members are beginning to bicker. It is hard to stay on the subject. Someone has just suggested that maybe the group should take a recess for two or three months.
a.      Let everyone have their say. Don’t get involved.
b.      Take a vote on the suggested recess.
c.  Propose a new course of action for the group. If no one strongly disagrees, make assignments and see that they are carried out.

6.      Your group has completed an excellent discussion of a topic they chose, but no one wants to take any action although several would be appropriate and each activity has been discussed.
a.      Suggest that the group move on to another topic. If no one disagrees, list possible topics.
b.      Choose an activity for the group and make assignments.
c.       Just keep quiet until the group arrives at a decision.

Qualifying Exam for Principal
15 questions out of 800

1.      Recommended practice suggests that which of the following should be involved in the decision making process concerning curriculum?
I.     Curriculum expert
II.   Boards of education
III. Professional staff
IV. Parents and students

a.      I and II only
b.      II and III only
c.       I, II, and III only
d.      I, II, III, and IV 

2.      Which of the following is the most crucial question to consider in using community resources in the classroom?
a.      Can the resources be used by several groups at the same time?
b.      Have such resources been overused?
c.       Do the resources meet the needs of the program?
d.      Would the use of these resources be controversial?

3.      The role of a school psychologist would ordinarily NOT include which of the following?
a.      Assisting teachers and administrators to develop understanding of the needs and behaviour of students.
b.      Determining by observation and assessment the procedures that best help students to learn
c.       Assisting faculty in developing procedures for referring students to the school psychologies
d.      Assisting teachers by giving demonstration lessons to troublesome groups of students

4.      The leader can be most confident that a groups is functioning when
a.      Most participants are enjoying the task
b.      Interpersonal and organizational conflict do not occur
c.       The reward system is more than adequate
d.      The participants are interacting with each other on an open basis.

5.      Of the following, the best argument for the inclusion of student in special education programs in activities with general education students is the probability that the special education students will
a.      Have less need for specialized services in the school they attend
b.      Learn more in the cognitive and psychomotor domain
c.       Become more competitive with their peers.
d.      Receive more individualized attention for the special nature of their disabling condition.
e.      Be provided with the least restrictive environment

6.      The teaching techniques or methods that are generally considered to have more direct impact on effective feelings are
a.      Discussion and dialogue
b.      Recitation and independent study
c.       Role playing and simulation
d.      Questioning and observation
e.      Lecturing and demonstration

7.      A group of teachers cooperatively plan the best learning situation for a particular student, discuss the plan with the student, and have the student sign the written plan. Which of the following best describes this process?
a.      Individualizing unit teaching
b.      The contract method
c.       Unit teaching with group instruction
d.      Programmed instruction
e.      Team teaching, individualized instruction with the contract method

8.      The primary role of the supervisory or cooperating teacher in the education of the student teacher is most appropriately described as
a.      Setting a good example for the student teacher to follow
b.      Helping the student teacher develop effective ways of teaching
c.       Determining the educational philosophy to be implement by the student teacher
d.      Providing the student teacher with information in classroom management techniques.
e.      Facilitating the proper placement of the student teacher in his or her initial position.

9.      Which of the following is a common pitfall in the shaped decision-making process
a.      Group members often a variety of alternatives for consideration
b.      Group think develops
c.       Investment in the decision making process is increased
d.      Decisions are reached too rapidly
e.      Staff morale is decreased

10.  A high school principal plans to conduct a study to examine the effect of math teachers’ pedagogical styles in the achievement of students in the schools’ advanced mathematics program. Which of the following is the initial step in this process?
a.      Consult research relating to teachers’ pedagogical styles and student development
b.      Collect data about the performance of students in the advanced mathematics program
c.       Determine a format and timeline for reporting the results of the study to faculty members
d.      Formulate a question, hypothesis or objective
e.      Contact teachers to participate in the study

11.  If standardized test data are used in the principals’ study, which of the following should the principal consider to assess the tests’ ability to measure students’ performance across repeated test administrations?
a.      Reliability
b.      Validity
c.       Generalizability
d.      Orthogonality
e.      Reproducibility

12.  Teacher Anne decides skills she wants pupils to learn from the lesson and designs ways to assess how well student have learned and how effectively the activity has been carried out. Teacher Anne uses a set of description of level of performance on each of several aspects of the activity. This is known as ___________
a.      Performance checklist
b.      Criterion checklist
c.       Rubrics
d.      Questionnaire

13.  Which of the following is not considered in selecting the aims of curriculum?
a.      Analysis of culture
b.      Consistency of the curriculum with learning theory
c.       Validity of knowledge claim
d.      The present status of the learner

14.  Learning experiences are vital components of curriculum. Which of the following factors must be considered in determining learning experiences?
a.      Observability
b.      Compatibility
c.       Trialability
d.      Suitability

15.  Although, experiences provided in learning may be varied, they should all lead to the attainment of the same goal where subsequent experiences should build earlier ones. This is known as ___________
a.      Consistency learning
b.      Compatibility learning
c.       Cumulative learning
d.   Constructive learning

Reviewer for Qualifying Exam for School Heads

Parents Involvement and Community Partnership

1.      Which of the following is the main goal of SBM?
a.      Enhance school holding power
b.      Improve school performance and students achievements
c.       Raise quality and academic excellence
d.      Improve operations and delivery services

2.      Where was SBM based?
a.      Modernization
b.      Institutionalized
c.       Decentralization
d.      Globalization

3.      Which of the following are objectives of SBM?
I.        Promote effective schools
II.      Improve the quality of basic education
III.    Empower the school head to provide leadership
IV.    Mobilize the community as well as the local government units, to invest time, money and effort in making the school a better place to learn it.

a.      I and II
b.      II, III, and IV
c.       I, II, III, and IV
d.      I, II and III

4.      DepED Order No. 83. S. 2012 issued the revised SBM Framework, Assessment Process and Tool {APAT }  Which of the following are the principles underlying SBM?
I.        Progressive
II.      Decentralized
III.    Self  empowered
IV.    Developmental

a.      I and II
b.      II, III and IV
c.       I, II, III, and IV
d.      I, II, and III

5.      In the revised SBM principles, schools should be manage __________ the school and the community.
a.      By/to/of
b.      From/for/to
c.       By/for/to
d.      By/for/of

6.      ACESSs represents the vision of the Department of Education in successfully implementing the reform agenda BESRA,, what is the C in ACCESs?
a.      Community
b.      Country
c.       Center
d.      Child

7.      ACCESs espouses Four Principles of a school System. Which of these principles refer to resources which are collectively organized, mobilized and managed with transparency?
a.      Principle of Community – based learning
b.      Principle of collective Leadership and Governance
c.       Principle of Convergence to Harness Resources  for Education
d.      Principle of Accountability for performance and Result

8.      There are three levels of SBM practice. Which of the following is not a description of level III or ADVANCED (ACCREDITED)?
a.      Developing structures and mechanism
b.      Ensuring the production of intended outcome
c.       Self – renewing and self – sustaining
d.      Meeting all standards

9.      Who is responsible in organizing the  School Governing Council (SGC)
a.      School head
b.      District supervisor
c.       PTA president
d.      Education chairman of Sanggunian

10.  Which of the following are functions of SGC?
I.        Assist the crafting the SIP
II.      Assist in generating resources
III.    Assist in development of school policies
IV.    Participate in monitoring and evaluating SIP/AIP Implementation

a.      I, II, III
b.      I, II, III and IV
c.       II, III, IV
d.      II and IV only

School Management and Daily Operations

1.      Who sets the school mission, vision, goals and targets?
a.      The PTCA
b.      The teachers
c.       The school Governing Council
d.      The school Head

2.      Which of the following is NOT  a responsibility of the SH?
a.      Recommending the Staffing complement of the school
b.      Offering educational programs projects, and services
c.       Hiring needed teachers and personnel
d.      Implementing the school curriculum

3.      Which of the following are responsibilities of SH?
I.        Developing the school education program
II.      Introducing new and innovative modes of instruction
III.    Acting as chair of School Governing Council
IV.    Establishing school and community networks

a.      I, II and IV
b.      I and    III
c.       II, III and IV
d.      I, III and IV

4.      To which position in the career service do teachers and SHs belong?
a.      First level
b.      Second level
c.       Third level
d.      Fourth level

5.      Which of the following refers to movement from one position to another which is equivalent rank, level or salary without break in service?
a.      Transfer
b.      Reemployment
c.       Reappointment
d.      Demotion

6.      Which of the following employment status is issued when the regular incumbent of a position is temporarily unable to perform the duties because he is on scholarship grant?
a.      Temporary
b.      Substitute
c.       Coterminous
d.      Contractual

7.      Who among the following  employees  can monetize a minimum of 1 days provided that he/she has accumulated 15 days of vacation leave?
I.        Permanent
II.      Temporary
III.    Contractual
IV.    Casual

a.      I only
b.      I and II only
c.       I, II and III
d.      I, II, III and IV

8.      Who among married woman are entitled to maternity leave of sixty (60) days with full pay? Those who have rendered an aggregate  of
I.        One year service
II.      Two years’ service
III.    Three years’ service
IV.    Four years’ service

a.      IV only
b.      III and IV only
c.       II, III and IV
d.      I, II, III, and IV

9.      A married male employee is entitled to paternity leave of how many days?
a.      30 days
b.      20 days
c.       10 days
d.      7 days

10.  A solo parent employee shall be granted parental leave provided she/he has rendered one (1) year of continuous or broken service. For how often can this be avail of?
a.      Every year
b.      Every two year
c.       Every three year
d.      Every four year


1.      Which of the following is the most important role of school head?
a.      Prepare the school Improve plan
b.      Use effectively the school resources
c.       Plan and implement school and programs and projects
d.      Provide a learning environment for effective teaching and maximize learning

2.      Among the following school heads spends the ideal time allotment for instructional and administrative supervision?

School Heads
Instructional Service
a.      Miss Reyes
b.      Mr. Rivers
c.       Mr. Santos
d.      Mrs. Cruz

3.      Which of the following is the basic characteristic  of effective leadership?
a.      It is potent force for increasing supervisory effectiveness
b.      It employs techniques for observing and analysing data
c.       It encourages the use of sound principles
d.      It provides opportunities for professional growth

4.      Which skills of an effective instructional supervisor summarize the speaker’s message for verification?
a.      Clarifying
b.      Negotiating
c.       Reflective
d.      Reinforcing

5.      Which of the following are intents of supervision?
I.        Relationship building
II.      Improvement of student learning
III.    Capacity building
IV.    Better life for teachers and students
a.      I and IV
b.      II, III and IV
c.       I, II, III and IV
d.      I, II and III

6.      Teachers may be classified according to their level of commitment and level of abstraction and place them inside the corresponding quadrant. Which quadrant can we classify a teacher who is energetic and full of good intention, but cannot act fully and realistic?
a.      Quadrant I Teacher Drp out
b.      Quadrant II Unfocused Teachers
c.       Quadrant III Analytical Teachers
d.      Quadrant IV  Professional Teachers

7.      What do we call teachers with low level of commitment but are intelligent?
a.      Teachers Drop-out
b.      Unfocused
c.       Professional
d.      Analytical

8.      In the classroom observation cycle, what does the principal do in the pre  - observation conference?
a.      The principal discusses with the teacher the details and gals of the observation as well as the materials need.
b.      The principal and teacher review the procedure of classroom observation
c.        Principal and teacher agree upon job improvement targets
d.      Principal and teacher analyze the finding and data

9.      What is the focus of clinical supervision?
a.      To view outputs and products so as to verify what they have learned and incorporated in their growing store of information and skills
b.      To observe classroom environment and dramatically affects learning
c.       To confirm teacher’s plan to assess learners’ achievement
d.      To see what the teachers does in the classroom

10.  In the development process of clinical supervision, when do we give feedback?
a.      Pre – conference
b.      Observation
c.       Analysis
d.      Post conference

Personal Integrity and Interpersonal Sensitivity

1.      Which of the following are enhanced by professionalism?
I.        Pedagogical knowledge
II.      Subject matter knowledge
III.    Level of experience
IV.    Self – efficacy

a.      I and II
b.      II, III, and IV
c.       I, II, and IV
d.      I, II, III and IV

2.      Which is not evidence of pedagogical expertise of a teacher?
a.      Communication of the course objectives to the students
b.      Awareness of alternatives instructional strategies
c.       Selection of appropriate methods of instruction
d.      Adhering to the code of Ethics for Professional Teachers

3.      Every person regardless of color, nationality, age, gender, economic status and ability is a child of GOD. As a child of God what does she/he deserve?
a.      Respect
b.      Trust
c.       Care
d.      Help

4.      Conflicts have stage. In what stage are solutions though of?
a.      Cognition stage
b.      Beginning of conflict
c.       Behavioural stage
d.      Consequence

5.      Which level of conflict occurs within a group?
a.      Intrapersonal
b.      Intra group
c.       Intergroup
d.      Interpersonal

6.      In Intra – organizational conflict, what kind of conflict is a superior – subordinate conflict?
a.      Role conflict
b.      Vertical conflict
c.       Horizontal conflict
d.      Line staff conflict

7.      Which conflict resolution strategy is a delay in action?
a.      Negotiation
b.      Confrontation
c.       Diffusion
d.      Avoidance

8.      Which of the following alternatives to negotiation has a third party, an empowered person. Who settled the conflict?
a.      Arbitration
b.      Persuasion
c.       Giving in
d.      Instruction

9.      Which of the following demonstrate collegially in communications?
I.        Demonstrating respect for each other
II.      Openly sharing failures and mistakes
III.    Constructively analysing practices of stakeholders

a.      I only
b.      II only
c.       III only
d.      I, II and III

10.  What kind of feeling is attained when communicating is a collegial atmosphere?
a.      Happiness
b.      Openness
c.       Restricted
d.      Inhabited

Analogies 5/57

Remember:  Analogies are pairs of words that are related to each other in the same way.The     relationship in the analogy “Boy is to man as girl is to woman” is the relationship of a child to adult. The analogy can also be written like this: boy : man :: girl : woman. The symbol : takes the place of the words is to. The symbol :: takes the place of the words as.

1 Open : secretive :: forthright : _____________________
a.      Spiteful  
b.      Honest
c.       Mask
d.      Candid
e.      Outspoken

2.      Negligent : requirement :: remiss : ________________
a.      Task
b.      Duty
c.       Position
d.      Injury
e.      Problem

3.      Chairman : gavel :: conductor : ______________
a.      Orchestra
b.      Keys
c.       Baton
d.      Bus
e.      Piano

4.      Funds : embezzled :: writings : ______________
a.      Copyrighted
b.      Documented
c.       Reproduced
d.      Published
e.      Plagiarized

5.      Taciturnity : laconic :: improvisation : _____________
a.      Practiced
b.      Devised
c.       Unrehearsed
d.      Amendment
e.      Impressionable

(This reviewer for word analogy composed of 57 items)

NEW CP. NO. 09175088081  GLOBE


DIRECTION: Choose the letter that corresponds to the word meaning of the italicized 
                         word in the sentence.

1.      Decentralization connotes:

a.      Devolution of education functions
b.      Transfer of power
c.       Transfer of resources
d.      Schools empowerment

2.      Mrs Fe Villacastia lived in Pilar, Siargao for ten years, but was not ever quite able to get used to Siarganon manner and mores.

a.      Places for boats to anchor
b.      Customs
c.       Campfire
d.      Type of eel

3.      Forget whatever I’ve said in the past about you’re your deplorable lack of cooking skills that meal was one of the most delish I’ve ever had”. Mrs. May Segovia, the home economics teacher said.

a.      Delicious
b.      Delicate
c.       Delicacy
d.      Saturated with fluid

4.      “He’s respected impresario, influencing the career of some of the biggest names in classical music”.

a.      Singer
b.      Manager
c.       Publisher’s logo
d.      Fortune-teller

5.      For many athletes success can be both enticing and terrifying

a.      Exhausting
b.      Sneaky or deceptive
c.       Complicated
            d.   Tempting


            Jean Piaget, the word famous Swiss Development psychologist and epistemologist is the researcher who has done most for our understanding of children’s thinking. His work and research suggests that the ability to think develops in several noticeable stages. All children go through these stages in the same fixed order but not everyone moves through the stage at the same time. Also, depending upon a child’s exposure and life experience, some children may think in one stage in certain situations and think in a different stage for other things.
            Elementary school teachers in multi-grade classroom work with children who are in the broad overlapping stages. Intuitive though from 4 to 7 years old; concrete operations, from about 7 to 12 years old; formal operation, from about 12 years on.
            Intuitive thought describes how four to seven years old operate mentally, they typically use their sense impressions or intuition earlier than logic in forming judgements. They also find it hard to remember more than one thing at a time.
            Concrete operational children, on the other hand can do much logical thinking. Their handicap is that the ideas they consider must be tried to concrete materials they can manipulate. Or, at the very least, they must have such first-hand experience with the materials to think about them.
            In the stage of formal operations, children are able to think much more abstractly, there is far less need to refer to concrete objects. With experience similar to adults, they can handle formal logic, that, is the use of the same mental operational as adults.

1.          The best title for the passage would be:
a.      The Characteristics of School Children
b.      The Stages of Formal Operations
c.       The Stages of Cognitive Development
d.      The Contributions of Jean Piaget

2.         The stages of cognitive development of the children reflects:
a.      Varied characteristics and learning styles of children
b.      7 to 12 years old School Children learn better than 4 to 7 years old children
c.       Multi-grade instruction is not feasible to handle
d.      Structure classroom setting is most ideal

3.          As elementary school teachers, you are mainly working with children who are;
a.      Of different abilities and interest
b.      In the intuitive, concrete and formal operational stage of mental growth
c.       In the concrete and formal operational stage of mental growth
d.      D. of multi-faceted talents and intelligences

4.            Jean Piaget also disclosed that:
a.      Children’s thinking is dependent on their development stages, exposure and life experiences
b.      Exposure and life experiences affect children’s thinking
c.       Children’s thinking is influenced by their growth patterns and development stage.
d.      Heredity sand early experience are good foundation for the children

5.            The following statements are true except:
a.      Children’s cognitive growth in any on stage depends upon on their activities.
b.      Children should not be made to sit still and to listen to or observe others as the primary means of learning
c.       The development of their brain power is fixed at birth
d.      The role of experience and active learning is critical in generating growth and change.

NEW CP. NO. 09175088081  GLOBE
Direction: the underline parts of the sentences below contain errors in idioms grammar, word choice and others. Identify such errors and write the letter that corresponds to the appropriate word / idioms that will make the sentences correct. Write N if no errors is found.

1.      I fail to understand why you are seeking my council after you ignored my advice.
                                    A           B                        C                                        D
2.      One of the member took the place of the chairman during the meeting
                  A                          B                    C                      D

3.      Filipinos are accustomed to resorting to quack doctors for help in curing diseases.
                                A                    B                                                  C
4.      Neither the coach nor the  player were satisfied of his performance
           A                      B                    C                      D
5.      The hereditary qualities transmitted by the parents to the child influences the
                                          A            B                                         C                                                            
development pattern of the individual.

NEW CP. NO 09175088081 GLOBE


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    I'm hoping for your favorable response. Thanks a lot and More power!

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  123. gud pm. im very thankful of this principal test questions but theres no answers key. how will i know if my answers are correct. please give me the answers key. thank you and God bless.


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