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Friday, August 3, 2012


  1.   Note explicit and implied details from a story read-answer how and why questions
  2.   Get the main idea-select appropriate title to a given selection
  3.   Perceive relationship - Identify cause - effect relationship
  4.   Predict outcomes - select an appropriate ending to a given situation
  5.   Make Inference - infer what happened before or after
  6.   Draw conclusion using passages/pictures as stimuli
  7.   Sequence events in the story thru group of sentences
  8.   Distinguish facts and fantasy from the story read
  1.   Natutukoy ang kasingkahulugan ng salita sa pamamagitan ng gamit nito sa pangungusap
  2.   Natutukoy ang katangian ng pangunahing tauhan batay sa kanilang salita at kilos
  3.   Nakapagbibigay hinuha ng angkop na pamagat sa paksa/talata
  4.   Naibibigay ang angkop na sanhi at bunga sa nakalahad na pangyayari
  5.   Nasasagot ang tanong na : saan
  6.   Nakapagbibigay na angkop na wakas sa kwento
  7.   Natutukoy ang kasalungat ng salita sa pamamagitan ng gamit nito sa pangungusap
  8.   Napipili ang mga detalyeng sumusuporta sa pangunahing diwa
  9.   Nasasagot ang mga tanong ukol sa grap
  10.   Napagsusunod-sunod ang mga pangyayari batay sa kilos
  1.  Use plural form of nouns
  2.  use possesive pronouns
  3.  Use the correct form of the verb that agrees with the subject in number
  4.  Use the comparative degrees of adjectives
  1. Nagagamit sa pangungusap ang pang uri na naglalarawan ng bagay
  2. Nagagamit sa pangungusap ang pang-uri na naglalarawan ng pook
  3. Nagagamit sa pangungusap ang pandiwang nagsasaad ng kilos na magaganap pa lamang
  4. Nagagamit sa pangungusap ang pandiwang ng kilos na nagaganap sa kasalukuyan
  5. Nakikilala ang mga salitang magkakasingkahulugan
  6. Natutukoy sa pangungusap ang pariralang pang-abay
  1. Identify main parts / functions of sense organs
  2. Infer that some factors affect one's growth and development
  3. Infer that animals need air, food/water and shelter
  4. Classify animals according to body part, movement and habitat
  5. Classify plants as trees, shrubs, grasses, herbs and vines
  6. State the characteristics of solid, liquids, and gasses
  7. Explain what happens when light strikes an object
  8. Infer how forces make object move/or cause change in motion
  9. Identify practices that conserve water/cause water pollution
  10. Infer that too much heat from the sun has an effect on earth's plants and animals
  1. Give tha place value of each digit in four to five digit numbers
  2. Multiply two to four digit numbers by one two digit numbers with regrouping
  3. Divide three to four digit numbers by one digit number without remainder
  4. Solve word problem involving addition of whole numbers with sums up to 99999 including money
  5. Solve one- step word problems involving subtraction of whole numbers including money
  6. Solve two-step word problems involving multiplication as well as addition/subtraction of whole numbers
  7. Solve two-step word problem involving division and any one of the fundamental operations including money
  8. Identify fraction less than one/ equal to one
  9. Order fraction less than one equal to one with the same denominator
  10. Convert time measure from small to large units and vice versa
  11. Find the capacity using standard units of measure
  12. Solve one - step problems involving the measure following the steps in problem solving
  13. Identify perpendicular, parallel and intersecting lines
  14. Interpret data presented in a pictograph   

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