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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sample School's Program (Enhancement Classes)

Department of Education
Region V
Division Of Camarines Sur
Ragay District
Baya Elementary School


Project Initiator:   MR. NOEL R. DAURAN
                           School Mathematics Coordinator

Venue:  Baya Elementary School
            Baya, Ragay, Camarines Sur

I. Objectives:
  1. Do mathematics with some exploration and open ended question but without the threat of tests.
  2. Learn to like Mathematics and social skills thru learning with peers in a cooperative learning setting.
  3. Prepare students for the Metrobank DepED Math Challenge.
  4. Improve pupils performance in Mathematics and further enhance the teacher-facilitator teaching competencies.
 II. Rationale:

           In Mathematics, pupils need to master not only the facts of the four fundamental operation, the computation skills and memorizing tables and formulas, they also be trained to engage in logical thinking, post problems, discover pattern, draw conclusions, make generalization and the like which would tap their thinking skills.
            For such, Baya Elementary School in coordination of District Mathematics Coordinator launched the 2010-2011 enhancement classes in Mathematics.

III. Activities

A. Pre- Implementation
             Guidelines in the conduct of the program will be followed.

     Organization of Classes
  1. There are two classes to be organized:
           a. Talented group composed of pupils belonging to the upper 15% of the class in the grade level
               with at least 85% rating in Mathematics.
           b. Regular group composed of the pupils belonging to the 26th to 85th percentile of the class in
               the grade level.

      Registration Fee
                There is a nominal fee of Php. 250.00 for the talented group and Php. 200.00 for the regular
      group per pupil to defray expenses for the honoraria of facilitators, training materials and other
      expenses to be incurred in the conduct of the program.

B. Implementation:

    The program will be managed by the following personnel:

    a. Program Director      -    Mr. Noel R. Dauran
    b. Center Coordinator   -    Dist. Mathematics Coordinator
    c. Facilitators

            Grade - I               -   Mrs. Rosalinda B. Toriente
            Grade - II              -   Mrs. Yolanda P. Paz
            Grade - III             -   Mr. Noel R. Dauran
            Grade - IV             -   Mrs. Leizel A. Valenzuela
            Grade - V              -   Mrs. Geraldine A. Mora
            Grade - VI             -   Mrs. Marichu J. Lopera
     d. Utility Worker            -  Mr. Edgardo Leona

      a. The talented group will meet for seven (7) Saturdays and Sundays while the regular Group will meet
          for six (6) Saturdays and Sundays
      b. Session are open from grade I to Grade VI. Classes will be held from 8:00 -12:00 a. m and will be
          extended in the afternoon
      c. Since classes will be on Saturdays and Sundays parents' permit will be sought.

C. Post Implementation
     The program will end on Dec. 10, 2011

III. Financial Requirements:

              Source of Income    -    Registration Fee
                                                   Php. 250 per pupil talented group
                                                   Php. 200 per pupil  Regular group

                                                  Facilitator's Fee  Php. 3,500.00
                                                  Janitorial Fee      Php. 525.00
                                                  Instructional Materials  Php. 100 per pupil

                                                                                           Prepared by;

                                                                                                     Mr. NOEL R. DAURAN
                                                                                                                 MT - I

                               School Head


Sample Documents For Criterion B - Served Subject Coordinator(For Master Teacher)

Department of Education
Region V
Division of Camarines Sur
Ragay District
Baya Elementary School


          This is to certify that Mr. _________________, Teacher I served as school Mathematics Coordinator for two consecutive school years, specifically s/y 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 at Baya Elementary School, Ragay District, Division of Camarines Sur pursuant to School Memorandum dated: June 28, 2007
                   Given this 12th day of November, 2009 at Ragay, Camarines Sur, Philippines.
                                                         School Head

Corroborated by:

     ____________________                                ____________________
             name of teacher                                                name of teacher

                                                   name of teacher

    ____________________                                 ____________________
           name of teacher                                                   name of teacher

          Subscribed and sworn to before me this Nov. 13, 2009 at Ragay, Camarines Sur, Philippines

                                                                                                                notary public


Department of Education 
Region V
Division Of Camarines Sur
Ragay District
Baya Elementary School

                                                                                                    June 28, 2012


                                                        MR. NOEL R. DAURAN

          Effective this 28th day of June 2012, you are hereby designated as school Mathematics Coordinator of Baya Elementary School, Ragay District, Division of Camarines Sur, with the following duties, to wit:
          1. Organize the Science and Mathematics Club.
          2. Conduct Seminar workshop in Mathematics for students and teachers to improve academic perfo-
          3. Hold some sourcing of fund activities to finance the programs and projects
          4. Participate in the different contests in Mathematics in the school, district, and national level.

          You are further advised to consolidate and submit report at the end of the school year.
                                               School Head


Department of Education
Region V
Division of Camarines Sur
Ragay District
Baya Elementary School
S/Y 2012-2013


  • Organized Mathematics Club
  • Result of the Division Achievement Test conducted during school year 2012 - 2013 was very satisfactory in all grade level.
  • All teachers were able to make instructional materials to enhance their teaching.
  • Existing teaching aids and devices were almost 85%.
  • Conducted Seminar workshop in Mathematics for students to improved academic performance.
  • Trained and coach to contestant who won and received awards, prizes, and commendation.
  • One hundred percent of Mathematics competition held in the district was actively participated by the different grade level.
  • Participated in the different contests in Mathematics in the district, and division level.
  • Consolidated reports required satisfactory from school year 2011 up to present.

                                                           Prepared by:

                                                                                                                 MT - II

Attested by:

                   School Head

Corroborated by:

   _____________________                      ___________________
             name of teacher                                    name of teacher

                                                name of teacher

_____________________                        ____________________
        name of teacher                                         name of teacher

          Subscribed and Sworn to before me this______day of ______at ________, Philippines.


Department of Education 
Region V
Division of Camarines Sur
Ragay District
Baya Elementary School

S/Y 2012-2013

Program Components           Activities         Time Frame   Person Involved        Evaluation
I-Pupil's Development         adminestered pre/    year-round       teachers/pupils         records of increase
   a. Increase Pupils' Div.      posttest                                                                          /dec. MPS over the
   test in Mathematics by                                                                                             previous year
  5% over the previous
  b. Increase pupils' par-      participate in aca-   year-round       teachers/pupils         certificates
  ticipation in academic        demic contests.
  c. Implement health &      Integrate health &     year-round      teachers/pupils         evidence if integra-
  Nutrition Program            Nutrition                                                                         tion in the Lesson 

II. Curriculum Dev.
     Provide leadership       purchase/reproduce    year-round     teachers/pupils          availability of curricu
     in the self learning        Curriculum materials    year-round     teachers/pupils          lum materials
     aids,devices & pro-
     to type LP

III.Staff Development
    a. Attend seminars/      participate in In-Ser    year-round          principals              certificates
    trainings                       vice trainings                                          teachers

    b. Attend Graduate     Enrol in graduate          year-round          teachers                   TOR
    studies                        studies 

IV. Physical Facilities      prepare inventory         1st week            teachers                 records of facilities
    a. manage existing      of physical facilities        of Aug.              PTA                      acquired/procured
    physical facilities        updated management                              pupils                     records of MIS.
    b. data management   Information(MIS)                                   teachers

                                       Prepared by:
                                                                                          Mathematics Coordinator


                              School Head

NOTE: to make your claims valid attach other documents which is stated in your accomplishment report.
For Example: If you cited in action plan that you are a winning coach in mathematics contest it should be supported by a memorandum which is your name stated there as a winning coach.
          * School Program in Mathematics
          * Certificates
          * Refer in Guidelines for Master Teacher


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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Action Research Template

  • A title for your paper
                 Answer to the phrase"What is the aim of this paper?

  • Introduction Which
                 Explain the issue
                 Shows why this study is neede
                 Argues for significance of the topic
                 Presents the scope of analysis
                 Explains the study questions you expected to answer

  •  Methodology that
                  Categorized the manner used to classify and situate resources
                  Gives details of reasoning for choosing the resources to investigate
                  Clarifies on the actions to be taken to analyze the materials
                  Organizes the criteria for assessment of the findings

  • Analysis and Discussion which
                  Present Findings
                  Organize theories by subtopic
                  Group resources by notions in preferences to individual units
                  List research findings
                  Connect findings with references which sustain them
                  Classify and analyze the results
                  Methodology answer your study questions

  • Conclusion that
                   Support or negate the research question
                   Offer prospect investigations

TEACHER'S WORK: Report of Research Project Completed

TEACHER'S WORK: Report of Research Project Completed: Title:  Improving Reading Comprehension Trough the Use of Higher Order Thinking Activities Researcher:                      Mr. Noel...

Income Generating Project Proposal (Format)


            1. Project Title
            2. Proponent
            3. Address/Project site
            4. Contact Persons
            5. Number of Beneficiaries
            6. Total Project Cost
            7. Source of Funds





              Production Capacity and expected outputs
              Projected summary of Gross Sale of Products

VII- WORKPLAN OF ACTIVITIES (Can be presented in table)
               Major Activities
               Person Responsible

               Time frame or duration(may be divided by quarter) can be presented in a table or ghant chart

                e.g For production Project(particulat item, Period and Cost)
                      For Equiptment, Supplies, Tools and Implements (Particulat Item, Description and Costs)
                      For Administrative Expenses(Particulars - Monitoring and Evaluation and Training on Financial Record Keeping)


                 A. Market
                          Product Description
                          Target Market
                          Price and Pricing(prevailing market price)
                          Terms of Sale(wholesale, retail, direct consumers)
                          Projected Sale Volume

                 B. Technical
                          Project Location
                          Production capacity and expected output
                          Technical Production Processes

                  C. Organizational and Management
                           Project Organization and Management Structure
                  D. Financial
                            Capital Requirement
                            Source of Funds
                            Investment Cost
                            Projected Income Statement


                                                                                   Prepared by:

                 _______________                           __________________
                      School  Head                                             PSDS


                 ______________________              ____________________
                    Subject Area Concerned                          Area Supervisor


                                                Asst. Schools Division Superintendent