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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Action Research Proposal (old format)

Reviewer for Qualifying Exam for School Heads

Friday, May 5, 2017

TEACHER'S WORK: New Action Research Proposal Template

TEACHER'S WORK: New Action Research Proposal Template

New Action Research Proposal Template

  • Introduce on the focus of the research 
  • Description and context of the study 
  • Valid data to support that the problem to be considered for research is really important 
  • Reason for conducting it, and
  • How the results could be used in action planning
  • Valid, authentic and relevant data can be generated out of the question/s;
  • Identifies the problem/s which will be addressed by the research in terms of investigating or testing an idea;
  • Trying out solutions to a problems;
  • Exploring and analyzing issues;
  • Creating a new procedure or system
  • Indicate and discuss the proposed innovation, intervention and strategy    
IV. ACTION RESEARCH METHODS-contains on details how research will be conducted
      a. participants and/or other sources of data and information

  • who will participate in the research
  • number of people and the characteristics of those who will participate in the research
  • how will the sample be selected 
       b. Data Gathering Methods
  • various instruments and procedures for data collection should be outlined and extensively discussed
       c. Data Analysis Plan 
  • how the data will be analyzed and reported 
  • specify if quantitative or qualitative methods will be used in analyzing the data gathered 
  • When will the project begin and how long will it take for it to be completed
  • include time estimates for each step in the research process (e. g. 5 days, 2 weeks)
  • Detailed research cost
  • broken down per research task,activity and/or deliverable 
  • grouped by tranche 
  • indicate how the results of the research will be cascaded to the intended user of the research findings (i.e presentation in conferences, etc..)
  • Provide in text of work reference list 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Sample Accomplishment as School Science Coordinator

Republic of the Philippines
Region V
Ragay District 
Baya, Ragay, Camarines Sur 

Remarkable Accomplishment as School Science Coordinator 
School Year 2016 -2017 

1. Conducted Action Research "Improving the Quality of District Generated National 
    Achievement Test (NAT) for Science and Health Six." 
2. Organized Mathematics and Science Club
3. Conduct Pre-test among pupils in all grade level
4.Assisted pupils to increase level of proficiency thru mastery of the concepts and ideas in Science.
5.Conducted achievements test to determine percentage of accomplishment.
6. Result of the Achievement test conducted during the school year 2016 - 2017 
    was satisfactory in all grade level since the target is to raise 5%over that previous year.
7. Attended important conferences, workshops and seminars called for in the district and division.
8. Assigned as Facilitator in the Science Quiz BEE.
9. Trained and coached to contestant in Science Quiz Bee who won and received awards 
    and commendations.
10.One Hundred percent (100%) of Science competition held in the district was actively 
     participated by all grade level.
11.Conducted enhancement classes in Science for Grade VI pupils.
12. Conducted Tree Planting Activity for Grade VI pupils.

                                                                                Prepared by:
                                                                                                   SchoolScience Coordinator 

              MARIA LINDA R.MIEN 
             Elementary School Principal

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Principal Reviewer on Leadership Roles in Managing a School

Test your knowledge

Let's find out how much prior knowledge you have about this topic. Write C if the concept is correct and NC if it is not correct.

1. Distributed leadership is characterized as a form of a collective leadership, in which teachers develop expertise by working collaboratively.

2. Distributed Leadership means multiple sources of guidance and direction.

3. Distributed leadership equates with maximizing the human capacity within the organization.

4. If reforms are to improve learning for all students principal must find and implements meaningful curriculum and effective instructional program.

5. Effective principals do not just string together a series of individual actions, but systematically distributes leadership by building it into the fabric of school life.

6. It is helpful to know the factors affecting the individuality of teachers.

7. The "Extrinsic rewards" are often the only element in a job.

8. The " Intrinsic rewards" are not controlled by the principals.

9. Telling the teachers, " If you behave this way,do this job, you can satisfy your needs directly because the very act of carrying out the job will be self - fulfilling or will up your self-esteem" is an example of an intrinsic reward.

10. Telling the teachers, "If you behave this way and do this job, I will provide you with something that will enable you to satisfy your needs" is an example of an Extrinsic reward.

11. Communication is often formal in classical leadership.

12. Leadership is identified by the quality of people's interaction rather than their position.

13. Principals have the power to illuminate the lives of their teachers or to cover them in darkness.

14. Teachers under shared Leadership need to develop ownership, learning and sharing.

15. Promoting a healthy working environment is one way of demonstrating effective leadership in school. This can be done using the four stages, namely forming, norming, storming and performing.

source: Project q-Learn Learning package of DepEd.Principal Reviewer