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Friday, May 9, 2014

Passers of Qualifying Exam for Principals 2014

Congratulations to the following newly passers for Qualifying Exam for Principal

1. Precilla B. Villalon 99.01
2. Helen Acop
3. Ricardo A. Catindig Jr.  96.93
4. Luzviminda dela Cruz
5. Jonathan B.Batara
6. Sabina Terencio
7. Serapino E. Estebat Jr.
8. Donaville E.Bistid
9. Nueva R. Cariaga
10. Girlie S. Natividad
11. James A. Benaning
12. Jovelyn A. Valdez 94.84

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kinds of Creative Assessment

1. Informal Assessment may be used to assess personal skills such as cooperation, perseverance,                      independence, confidence, etc..The teacher may gains this information through:

  • questioning 
  • observation 
  • giving assistance to an individual student
  • informal classroom discussion 
2. Self - Assessment develop students' metacognitive skill (ability to monitor one's learning skills before,
     during and after a given task) and therefore develops responsibility towards their own learning . This
     can be facilitated by giving them:

  • lists of objectives to be covered 
  • checklists of facts to be known 
  • lists of desirable behaviors 
  • students' learning log to record learning, effort and enjoyment 
3.  Written Assessment assignment is a piece of work carried out without direct teacher supervision, in
     class, at home, in the library or internet cafe. They come in the form of posters, models, research
     works and problem solving. The following should be included for an assignment to be effective:

  • clear statement of task including length, coverage and presentation 
  • scoring guide 
  • date due and consequences of late submission 
  • importance of originality 
4.  Oral Assessment may be informal (question and answer session, quizzes or listening to group dis-
     cussion ) or structured (seminars, interviews, debates, and oral presentation)
     a. Question and Answer session in the classroom gives a quick assessment of students' understanding
         Teacher's question should encourage responses that expand or elaborate on a point rather than require          a single word response.
     b. Oral quiz may be answered individually or group
     c. Interview may concern recall of facts, understanding of concepts, ability to generalize, and ability to                apply knowledge in unfamiliar contexts. It may be used to:

  • to diagnose difficulties 
  • to find out how student's tackles problem 
  • to check student's understanding and original contribution to a project 
  • to boost students' confidence  

Saturday, March 8, 2014

2014 Qualifying Exam For Principal

2015 Qualifying Exam for Principal
1. The Filipino youth and adult alike __________of the harmful effects of prohibited drugs.
                              a.      inform
                  b.      informed
                  c.       has been informed
                  d.      have been informing

                    2. The price of gasoline has been _________tremendously in the recent year.
                  a.      Fluctuated
                  b.      Fluctuate
                  c.       Fluctuates
                  d.      Fluctuating

                    3.A variety of vegetables _______in the gulayan sa paaralan area and ____in the feeding program.
                  a.      Were planted – served
                  b.      Were sowed – served
                  c.       Are – will
                  d.      Were planted – sold

                    4.  If I were ____________ you, I ________advise the team leader to employ collaborative                             planning.
                   a.      Was – well
                   b.      Were – would
                   c.       Am – were
                   d.      Were – well

                   5.  Ten _________ of cloth ______all I need for the school uniforms of my four children
                 a.      Meters – were
                 b.      Meters – are
                 c.       Meters – was
                 d.      Meters – is

                          6.  Mother is very busy doing household chores, but she ___________rests for a while.
                 a.      Seemingly
                 b.      Carefully
                 c.       Apparently
                 d.      Frequently

7. Mrs. Consuelo doesn’t want to spoil her only daughter, Rica, so she ________ teaches her many things to work on.
                a.      Seemingly
                b.      Misleading
                c.       Carefully
                d.      Apparently

8.  Scientists ___________ to explore ways of preventing further damage to the environment.
                a.      Continue
                b.      Continued
                c.       Continuing
                d.      Continuous
             9. Plastic bags in garbage dumps take a long time to decompose. ___________, when they do,                        they become dangerous substances.
                 a.      Strangely
                 b.      Surprisingly
                 c.       Sadly
                 d.      Happily

10.  Evelyn is sickly because she ______ eats vegetables ______drinks milk every day.
a.      Either – or
b.      Seldom – and
c.       Often – thus
d.      Neither – no11.   Each of the girls were wearing her official uniform.
                 A                 B            C                           D
12.  Jose was not listening to his teacher, did he?
        A                  B                      C                D

13.  Some teachers stress memory work too much than understanding.
             A                       B                          C                            D

14.  It is a very interesting and exciting fashion show, wasn’t it?
  A                    B                                  C                                 D

15.  Can you cull the president’s major ideas from his various speeches to date?
a.      Complete
b.      Select
c.       Distribute
d.      Supply

16.  The presidency is besieged by many problems.
a.      Confronted
b.      Supported
c.       Presented
d.      Conform

17.  Many of the city street were inundated after the storm.
a.       destroyed
b.      Flooded
c.       Repaired
d.      Impassable

18.  My best friend got a raw deal when the company terminated him without notice.
a.      Unfair treatment
b.      Inform before hand
c.       Wise decision
d.      Offering reward

We _____(19)______ of Filipinos who _____(20)______ love their country and whose ______(21)_____ and values enable them to realize their full potential and contribute ______(22)________ to building the nation
As a ________(23)_______ public institution the Department of Education continuously improves itself to better serve its _______(24)_________.

To protect and promote the right of every Filipino to ____(25)______, equitable, culture – based, and complete basic education where: students learn in a child – friendly, _______(26)________ , safe and ______(27)_________ environment. Teachers facilitate learning and constantly __________(28)__________ every learner. Administrator and staff as _______(29)_______ of the institutions, ensure an enabling and _______(30)________ environment for effective learning to happen. Family community and other stakeholders are actively engaged and share responsibility for developing ______(31)___________.

Maka – Dios

                             19.  a. dream
                                   b. loyal
                                   c. brave
                                   d. inspire 
                             20.  a. keenly
                                   b. fervently
                                   c. passionately
d. ardently

21.  a. knowledge
b. competencies
c. familiarity
d. awareness

22.  a. peacefully
b. strongly
c. meaningfully
d. importantly

23.  a. child – centered
b. child – friendly
c. learner – centered
d. curriculum – centered

24.  a. barangay
b. clientele
c. family
d. stakeholders 

25.  a. equitable
b. equally
c. reasonable
d. impartial

26.  a. gender – sensitive
b. child – sensitive
c. learner – centered
d. culture – based

27.  a. motivating
b. exciting
c. fascinating
d. interesting

28.  a. nurture
b. nourished
c. cultivate
d. take care of

29.  a. teach
b. stewards
c. coach
d. instruct

30.  a. motivating
b. supportive
c. caring
d. helpful

31.  a. life – long learners
b. life – long teachers
c. life – long achievements
d. life – long knowledge

32.  a. makabansa
b. makabayan
c. makaisa
d. makafilipino  

1.      It is methods of acquiring a school site which capitalizes on the deed of exchange to be executed by both parties
a.      Barter
b.      Gratuitious conveyance
c.       Presidential proclamation
d.      Expropriation proceedings

2.      The recommendation orientation of a school building in the Philippines is a:
a.      Northwest – west to Southeast – East axial direction
b.      Southwest – East to Northwest – West direction
c.       West to East axial direction
d.      All of the above

3.      A disciplining authority may dismiss a complaint if:
a.      Complaint is notarized
b.      A prima face case exist
c.       Complaint is anonymous
d.      None of the above

4.      As a general rule, the different school buildings should be laid out according to functional groupings. The distance between buildings should be such that EXCEPT:
a.      Ventilation is not obstructed
b.      Natural illumination is not impeded
c.       Minimize flow of air current or breeze
d.      Sounds in one building do not carry into the next building

5.      The recommendation minimum setback of a school from the street line is _________meters.
a.      5
b.      8
c.       10
d.      15

6.      The main building facing the front gate should be at least how many meters from the gate?
a.      10 meters
b.      15 meters
c.       20 meters
d.      None of the above

7.      The Division Sub – Committee shall perform the following function EXCEPT one:
a.      Receives all application letter
b.      Administer the written English Proficiency
c.       Prepare the written English Proficiency Test
d.      Reviews the documents submitted by the school selection committee

8.      When a principal starts to exercise his/her power over making and promoting students is his/her action acceptable?
a.      Yes, when the teacher cannot make decision on time
b.      Yes, when there is abuse of judgement on the part of a teacher.
c.       No, teacher are more knowledgeable of their student’s performance
d.      No, grading and promoting students are exclusively functions of teachers.

9.      Mr. Wrong, an English teacher has been accused a sexual harassment by one of his students. What should the principal do?
a.      Ask the teacher to surrender to the police.
b.      Tell the teacher to stop reporting to school.
c.       Advice the teacher to transfer to other school.
d.      Create a committee to investigate the accusation.

10.  Dr. Ramos, a Division Superintendent acted on the complaint filed by a group of parents against the alleged misconduct of a particular principal. He issued a memorandum requiring her to take a leave of absence for a week while the complaint is being heard yet. Was the action of the Superintendent legal?
a.      Yes, because he is a superintendent
b.      No, because the complaint has not been heard yet.
c.       No, the superintendent has no disciplinary authority over teachers.
d.      Yes, the superintendent has disciplinary authority over teacher.

11.  Ms. M filed a complaint for disgraceful and immoral conduct against Mr. T, a public school teacher of H high school. Mr. P. the principal of said school, convened the School Grievance Committee composed of the president of the faculty, a teacher who is acceptable to both parties. After hearing Ms. M and Mr. T, the school Grievance Committee renders a judgement finding Mr. T guilty of disgraceful and immoral conduct. Is the judgement valid?
a.      Yes, because  a grievance committee is a disciplining authority
b.      No, because a grievance committee is not a disciplining authority
c.       No, because the superintendent has disciplinary authority over teacher
d.      Yes, because a grievance committee is a disciplining authority in the school.

12.  The Parents Teachers Association (PTA) filed before the office of Regional Director of Province of X a complaint for dishonesty against Mr. T, a public school teacher of Y East Central School. Acting on said complaint the Regional Director issues an order directing Mr. A administrative officer of Division office to conduct a fact-finding investigation on the said complaint. Is the order proper? Why or why not?
a.      Yes, because he is a regional director
b.      No, because he is not a disciplining authority
c.       Yes, because regional director is a disciplining authority over teacher.
d.      No, because the superintendent has disciplinary authority over teacher

13.  Which of the following statements are NOT in accordance with the provision of the Revised Rules of procedures of DepEd in administrative case?
I.        A complaint shall under oath
II.      Habitual drunkenness for disciplinary action
III.    The school Division Office shall organize the investigation Committee
IV.    The Grievance Committee is allowed to hear and decide on administrative case

a.      I and II
b.      IV and I
c.       IV and II
d.      II and III

14.   Which of the following statements are the criteria for the selection of mentor/cooperating teachers?
I.        He/she should be a graduated of M.A
II.      Has  a performance rating of outstanding
III.    Has at least 3 years of teaching experience
IV.    Possesses desirable qualities such as patience and kindness

a.      I and II
b.      IV and I
c.       III and IV
d.      III and II

15.  Which of the following statement is not included in the duties and function of the Cooperating School Principal?
a.      Decide solely on final demonstration teaching
b.      Meet regularly with cooperating teachers and student-teacher.
c.       Assign a student teacher to a qualified cooperating teacher.
d.      Conduct regular conference with the cooperating teachers and student – teachers.

16.  Which of the following statement are the Duties and Function of the Cooperating School Principal?
I.        Decide solely on final demonstration teaching
II.      Assign a student teacher to a qualified cooperating teacher.
III.    Meet regularly with cooperating teachers and student – teachers.
IV.    See to it that student teachers are not allowed to substitute for teachers who are absent.

a.      I, III, and IV
b.      II, III, and IV
c.       I, II, and III
d.      III and IV
17.  The Mentor/cooperating teacher shall perform the following Duties and Function EXCEPT one:
a.      Model effective teaching and management techniques
b.      Complete a set of summative evaluation reports for each student teacher.
c.       Observe, coach/mentor and evaluate the performance of the student teacher.
d.      Provide the student teacher the opportunity to substitute for teachers who are absent.

18.  Which of the following administrative Offenses with dismissal in the first offense?
a.      Dishonesty
b.      Disgraceful and immoral conduct
c.       Frequent unauthorized absences
d.      Refusal to perform official duty

19.  The following are less grave offenses with suspension in the first offense EXCEPT one:
a.      Nepotism
b.      insubordination
c.       Simple misconduct
d.      Habitual drunkenness

20.  Which of the following offenses also classified into grave, less grave and light offenses?
a.      Nepotism
b.      Dishonesty
c.       Sexual harassment
d.      Refusal to perform official duty

21.  Sexual harassment which is also classified into grave, less grave and light offenses pursuant to :
a.      CSC Resolution No. 01-0940
b.      CSC Resolution No. 01-0941
c.       CSC Resolution No. 01-0840
d.      CSC Resolution No. 01-0841

22.  What is the NCBTS – TSNA means?
a.      It is a guide for a teacher from entering in the profession up to retiring
b.      It is a group - assessment tool that would help teachers determine group strengths.
c.       It is a self - assessment tool that will help every teacher determine individual strengths and needs according to the standards set by the National Competency Based Teacher Standards.
d.      It is a self – assessment tool that will help for school heads determine individual strengths and needs according to the standards set by the National Competency Based School Heads Standards.