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Friday, January 25, 2013

Grammar Reviewer for Qualifying Exam for Principal and Licensure Examination for Teacher


EXERCISE 1 ( Using indefinite and definite articles )
In each blank space, use an indefinite article ( a or some ), or the definite article the if the noun is defined by modifiers
1.      The presidential candidates debated ____________ interesting issues last night.
2.      The presidential candidates debated ____________ issue of inflation last night.
3.      She tried to learn __________ Spanish vocabulary in class.
4.      She tried to learn __________ Spanish vocabulary that she was assigned.
5.      There is __________ way to avoid traffic.
6.      What is __________ shorter way to get to his house?
7.      His cousin adopted _____________ dog.
8.      His cousin adopted _____________ dog that you saw at the shelter.
9.      Would you like __________apples?
10.  We would like to hear ___________joke you think is so funny.