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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Duties and Function of a Master Teacher

  1. Attains and maintains quality one's classroom instructions.
  2. Assist other teachers in the school or district towards improving their competencies by acting as teacher consultant;
                        a. Evaluation of learning outcome
                        b. Using of curriculum materials
                        c. General classroom management
                        d. Use of instructional materials

      3. Takes leadership in preparation of curriculum instructional materials
      4. Serves as demonstration teacher in district/division
      5. Perform other functions commensurate to one's capability as the school head may assign

                         a. Initiation and implementation of educational research outcome
                         b. Organization and management of school district in service training
                         c. Assist in planning and implementation of the district educational program.
                         d. Subject grade chairman/coordinatorship

       6. Maintenance of the school or district records system related to instructions.