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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Report of Research Project Completed

Title:  Improving Reading Comprehension Trough the Use of Higher Order Thinking Activities

                     Mr. Noel R. Dauran, MaEd
                     Master Teacher 1
                     Baya Elem. School
                     Baya, Ragay, Camarines Sur

This asction research project was conducted to improve reading comprehension of grade three pupils of Baya Elementary School, Ragay District, Division of Camarines Sur for the school year 2011 - 2012. The researcher intends to improve the reading  comprehension  by using the higher order thinking skill such as predicting, making connections, visualizing, inferring, questioning and summarizing. In his classroom the researcher modeled these strategies through the think aloud process and graphic organizers. This is fallowed by the pupils using these strategies through the whole class, small group, and independent practice.

The experimental one-shot case method of Research was utilized in which the treatment was the instruction of Reading Strategies. Documentary analysis was also employed since the results of the Phil-Iri and Metacomprehension Strategy Index were used as the source of data.

The researcher gatherd information prior to implementing the strategy interventions. The Metacomprehension Strategy Index indicated a lack of pupil's knowledge of strategies to use before, during, and after reading. The Phil-Iri given to the grade III pupils identified 9 out of the 16 pupils below target level.

The information gathered by the researcher after the intervention had been modeled and practiced showed improvement with the grade III pupils. The post intervention scores for the Metacomprehension Strategy Index showed a significant increase in pupil's knowledge of the reading comprehension strategies. The Phil- Iri post intervention scores indicates only 2 of the 49 pupils of the grade III pupils remained non reader . The table on Level of Reading comprehension it shows that along frustration Level, indicated a decrease of 32.65%, under Instructional indicated an increased of 32.65% and 6.13% for Independent Level.


1. To improve the reading comprehension of grade three pupils.
2. To increase the performance level of grade III pupils in the PHIL - IRI
3. Prepare the grade III pupils for the National Achievement Test
4. Improve pupil's performance in English and further enhance the teacher-facilitator teaching competencies


A. Methodology
                This study employ the pre-experimental one-shot case study. According to De Jesus the pre-experimental one shot case study is a desidn in which a single group is only studied once, subsequent to a treatment is the instruction of reading strategies. It is important to teach the strategies by naming the strategy and how it should be used, modeling through think aloud process, group practice and independent use of the strategy.

Parental consent was obtained for this research project during the last week of August. To show evidence of a problem in reading comprehension  the researcher orally surveyed his grade III pupils using the Metacomprehension Strategy Index.During the first week of September, the researcher administered this oral survey to his  pupils. The survey measured each student awareness of the strategies used in the reading process. The researcher reads one part of the survey per day for three consecutive days. This tool was used to measure the pupil's awareness of their strategic reading process before the strategies were introduced.

The second tool used was the Phil- Iri administered to the pupils in the third grade classroom in the first week of July, 2011. This tool is used to determine student growth in reading comprehension.

The teacher observation checklist was used by the researcher to gather data throughout the intervention. Beginning in October 2011, once a month , the researcher used checklist to observe which reading comprehension strategies were being used by the pupils in small groups.This tool provide information of changes on how well his pupils understand and use reading comprehension strategies over time.

B. Sampling Design:

Purposive sampling was employed in selecting pupils-respondent of the study. The pupils who were selected were enrolled in the grade III class for the school year 2011 - 2012.